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We create the clarity that transforms how businesses and projects work, with more control and fewer surprises.
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What we think

Do the right projects, the right way. We combine deep expertise in business strategy, organisation design and project management with the power of leading technologies, giving businesses unparalleled transparency to select, plan and execute their projects with a new level of insight.

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Problems we solved

Portfolio & Program Management

Are you doing the right projects and maximising the return on your investments?

Capital Projects

Do you want your capital projects to be more competitive and predictable?

Enterprise & Project Technologies

Are you able to realise the benefits of integrating and harmonising your business systems with leading project applications and technologies?

Connected Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

Can you harness the accumulated knowledge and understanding from past projects to improve the performance of current and future projects?

What we think

We understand that people are everything, and ultimately at the heart of every successful business transformation or project. We believe that technology can engage people in meaningful ways, creating an easier way to work with more predictable results in challenging environments.

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Problems we solved

Organisational Excellence

Do you know who you need, and what you need them to do? Are you structured for success?

Cultural Dynamics

Do you have the right culture to motivate your teams and deliver your projects?

Collective Insights

How can you get the most from your human and robotic workforce, and maximise engagement?

Team Sentiment & Stakeholder Engagement

Can you monitor the mood and engagement patterns of your team to better understand the hidden drivers of project performance and collaboration?

What we think

Clarity is the cornerstone of every successful project or business transformation. From start-ups to large businesses — no matter the size of the project — ProjectAI helps organisations make better decisions by giving them transparency and control of their data, information and insights to achieve goals faster and more cost-effectively.

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Problems we solved

Strategy & Planning

Can you clearly articulate where you're going and how you'll get there?

Delivery & Execution

Are you using a comprehensive approach to organisational change?


How do you manage risk, implement controls and build meaningful portfolio reporting to make decisions?

Technology Leadership

How do you know you’re using the right technology and ensure it’s driving true business performance?

Our leadership team

“Projects enable humanity’s highest aspirations and are part of the DNA of successful transformation. Bringing this vision to life is what we do. Our unique approach ensures alignment by addressing strategic context to create confidence in your projects."
Ray Paulk
Founder & CEO
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“The opportunity to create more competitive and predictable projects through the application of AI and other leading technologies is immense. We like to get our hands dirty, working side by side with clients to bring these performance improvements to life.”
Laurie Erwin
Senior Advisor, Project and Portfolio Excellence - Americas
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