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Creating sustainable solutions for food waste, farming and planet earth.

Eight years ago, Future Green Solutions began researching how the black soldier fly could improve waste management and create soil improvers for farmers.

Now, using a strategy developed with ProjectAI, the Perth-based biotech is scaling up several circular economy products that promise to be game-changing for aquaculture and agriculture.

At Project AI, we believe that the fusion of the right processes, people and technology will transform how your projects work. Our work with Future Green Solutions set them on the path to improved performance and cemented confidence in their growth aspirations.

This testimonial outlines how we helped them on the path to creating predictable outcomes on their path to growth.

“The ProjectAI team is intelligent, professional and easy to deal with. I couldn’t recommend them more for start-up and scale-up businesses.”

Luke Wheat, Future Green Solutions Founder and Managing Director



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