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Projects are human endeavours

People are at the heart of successful projects; they drive change and collaborate on new ways of working. Every project success or failure can be traced to the basics of human emotion and interaction. Information is slow to travel to those that need it, and the truth doesn’t always come through to inform decisions. People are everything.

The importance of gaining a deeper understanding of how people engage with each other – below their surface level interactions – is being enabled by new technologies designed to surface underlying emotional interests through AI enhanced data analysis from collaboration and productivity tools and platforms.

Understanding when teams are confused, concerned, disinterested, experiencing cultural or social issues or generally lacking confidence can be a powerful tool in proactively managing issues to discover what team members really care about before they turn into major blowouts.

And while technology is critical in helping teams perform at their best, technology alone won’t overcome issues with culture or organisational design and in many cases, it will expose weaknesses and compound existing issues.

The balance between using technology to enhance and understand team performance and aligning culture, organisational models and transformation aspirations are key challenges we tackle with our clients.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Organisational Excellence

Do you know who you need, and what you need them to do? Are you structured for success?

Organisational Excellence

Understand how to plan and implement organisational changes which support your desired culture.

Cultural Dynamics

Do you have the right culture to motivate your teams and deliver your objectives?

Cultural Dynamics

Ensuring alignment between executive management, operational leaders and frontline teams is critical.

Collective Insights

How can you get the most from your human and robotic workforce, and maximise engagement?

Collective Insights

Understanding the quick wins and a practical approach to change management can accelerate implementation.

Team Sentiment & Stakeholder Engagement

Can you monitor the mood and engagement patterns of your team to better understand the hidden drivers of project performance and collaboration?

Team Sentiment & Stakeholder Engagement

Catching leading indicators of negative team interactions can be the difference between success and failure.

How we've helped

Our work with Future Green Solutions laid a foundation for scaling the business and created confidence in their growth plans.

People Capabilities

  • Organisational Excellence
  • Cultural Dynamics
  • Collective Insights 
  • Team Sentiment & Stakeholder Engagement

Success by design.

In complex, high-risk and often asset-intensive businesses, ensuring efficiency at scale is critical to sustainability and competitiveness.

Understanding your value chain is the first step in identifying the executable processes which can be delivered with an optimal blend of automation and human interaction; and the right mix of roles, functions and best-fit technology to make it happen.

Effective talent management and optimising organisational performance requires accepted accountabilities, efficient technology-enabled work practices and visible and clear capability expectations.

Our approach to achieving organisational excellence is grounded in practical recommendations built on well-understood operating models and an understanding of how technology can enhance team interactions and proactively address issues.

  • Organisational models 

  • Role definition 

  • Geographically distributed workforces 

  • Resource planning 

  • Capability (training and development) 

  • Talent management (succession planning, career paths) 

  • Remuneration and reward structures 

A culture of clarity.

Cultural dynamics can make or break your project improvement and transformation programs. However, identifying and challenging the underlying causes of a low-performance culture is anything but easy.

Is your culture really about empowerment, or focused on control? How do your stated objectives translate into action with the executive, senior leaders and frontline teams?

Our role is to cut through the surface interactions and understand how things really work and why. We work with teams throughout the organisation to assess the fit between the current culture, the desired culture and the change required to achieve your transformation objectives.

From there we make recommendations on organisational models which better support your desired culture and map a change program which aligns organisational design and cultural dynamics to enable successful transformation.

  • Current state assessment 

  • Culture and organisational alignment 

  • Leadership frameworks 

  • Embedding change 

  • Tracking, monitoring and optimisation 

Predict and learn with AI

The use of artificial intelligence in monitoring project data lays the foundation for insights and early warning systems and will connect people with projects in ways you may never have thought possible. AI and automation have emerged as a driving force in improving engagement and gives teams and individuals the insight and transparency they need to make better decisions.

The opportunity to take advantage of a robotic digital workforce to automate mundane tasks and support the high-value work of your employees increases ROI, reduces the likelihood of human error and ultimately enables high performance. These initiatives can be delivered in as little as a few months and the effects are immediate.

Beyond this, artificial intelligence and machine learning gives organisations the capability to scale collective insight beyond traditional collaboration contexts and team boundaries. Data from projects and teams previously not connected or collected, can now be processed and synthesised into meaningful insight and captured as organisational knowledge.

  • Knowledge management 

  • Predictive analysis and insight  

  • Continuous improvement 

  • Human-machine collaboration 

  • Process automation 

Understand how your team feels.

Organisations committed to attracting and retaining top talent and building high performing teams and efficient organisations know that the interactions between people are at the core of performance.

The digitisation and acceleration of remote work and increased reliance on knowledge and information workers has increased pressure on organsiations to better understand their people and highlighted the need for more objective and scalable tools to achieve this. New engagement patterns are emerging and traditional sentiment analysis tools which only provide point in time measures or limited data points are being stretched beyond their usefulness.

The use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to uncover previously hidden insights into team sentiment and stakeholder engagement patterns is becoming mainstream in high performing businesses.

ProjectAI has hands-on experience with a range of proprietary and off-the-shelf tools and technologies – as well as a practical approach to implementation and the necessary change management – to enhance your understanding of the people at the heart of your organisation and help them perform at their best.

  • Organisation and team dynamics assessment 

  • Sentiment analysis 

  • Predictive performance analysis 

  • Stakeholder mapping  

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