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Team Sentiment | Stakeholder Mapping

Collective insight. Project Foresight.

Pulse by ProjectAI helps project managers make sense of people’s collective insights for better project outcomes.

We believe that people are the pulse of your project – so Pulse uses a combination of stakeholder knowledge and intelligent algorithms to spot issues before they turn into time and cost blowouts.

Pulse gathers and measures project sentiment, engagement, influence, interest, confidence, culture and relationships for better decision making and a culture of clarity.

Pulse is what has been missing in project management – a new way to measure the human side of projects.


Project Data Integration | Knowledge Modelling | Predictive Reporting & Analytics

A modern knowledge platform for project insight and performance.

Deployed in 8 to 12 weeks, not 8 – 12 months – Cortex will connect your project and enterprise data like never before.  Deliver faster project reporting with tailored insights so you can spot issues and act before it is too late.  We have done the heavy lifting to design and develop a leading project / portfolio reporting and analyltics solution… so you don’t have to.

Cortex builds upon decades of project experience, leveraging the latest in knowledge management and AI technology.   Create clarity, confidence and assurance in your critical business data, and present it in a way that executives can easily understand … and access in real-time.

Cortex keeps an eye on your project and predictively calls out and advises when major issues are likely to derail the project.

AI has the power to engage people in your business and transform project communication

Artificial intelligence and automation has emerged as a driving force in improving engagement and gives teams and individuals the certainty and transparency they need to make better decisions.

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