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More control with fewer surprises.

Ensuring that projects are predictable and competitive is the reason we do what we do. We know how important it is from our experience on a range of multi-billion-dollar major capital projects and programs across industries and operating models.

We combine core expertise in portfolio and program management with specific major capital projects experience, and a clear, confident view of how to combine leading project application technologies with existing systems.

This core of project-centric business improvement capability combined with technology leadership is the foundation for identifying improvement opportunities from artificial intelligence and to unlocking the value from organisational knowledge.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Portfolio & Program Management

Are you doing the right projects and maximising the return on your investments?

Portfolio & Program Management

Understand how to optimise the mix for the short and longer term.

Capital Projects

Do you want your capital projects to be more competitive and predictable?

Capital Projects

Access a team experienced with multi-billion-dollar portfolios to help with your project, no matter what size.

Enterprise & Project Technologies

Are you able to realise the benefits of integrating and harmonising your business systems with leading project applications and technologies?

Enterprise & Project Technologies

Leading technologies can work side by side with legacy systems to improve performance.

Connected Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

Are you confident leveraging human-machine collaboration, advanced data-driven process automation and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and understanding?

Connected Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

Create more meaningful work and harness knowledge from past projects to improve the performance of current and future programs.

How we've helped

Our work with Future Green Solutions laid a foundation for scaling the business and created confidence in their growth plans.

Project capabilities

  • Portfolio & Program Management
  • Capital Projects
  • Enterprise & Project Technologies
  • Connected Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

Maximise value
with confidence.

On average, 30% of total business value is eroded by choosing the wrong projects; either poorly planned or misaligned with the broader strategy. We’ve witnessed first-hand the value of selecting the right combination of projects and the value destruction from poor decision making.

We bring transparency to decision making across the project and transformation value chain to create more control with fewer surprises.

Portfolio Strategy & Lifecycle Definition

There are many things your organisation could do, and only so much you can do with the resources available.  We help you to align your portfolio with your business strategy, simplifying how projects move through their lifecycle to ensure the right projects are planned appropriately, and the wrong projects are stopped early.

Ideation & Innovation

Projects are born from an idea.  How can you encourage your entire organisation to come up with new ideas to improve or innovate?   We help our clients introduce processes to capture these ideas, review, select the ones that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Business Case Development

This is the step where a project officially joins the portfolio as a candidate project to be considered.  Some basic information is captured to communicate the value of doing the project (or the impact of not doing the project).

Project Prioritisation

Of all of the potential projects on the list, which ones should you do?  This can be based on a variety of metrics – value, growth, safety improvement, risk reduction, strategic fit, etc. A structured approach to prioritization allows you to be very clear about the projects that would give you the most bang for your buck.

Portfolio Optimisation

As much as you might like to, you just can’t do everything at the same time. Portfolio optimization is all about finding the best combination of projects that you can deliver with the resources that you have (capital, human, or others.)

We help our clients to run various scenarios with your portfolio to understand what you can do in each financial period, choose which projects to continue, accelerate, delay or stop all together.

Project Governance

One of the main root causes of project failure is poor planning.   How do you know the work has been planned appropriately and the risks have been fully considered so you can make the right decisions to deploy capital and human resources?   We work with our clients to review individual projects, or to develop frameworks for internal assurance and governance processes across complex portfolios.

Program / Portfolio Monitoring & Control

Project-intensive businesses often struggle with an ocean of conflicting spreadsheets, and cumbersome processes.  We constantly encounter executives who are frustrated with reports which don’t tell the real story, and don’t expose the right data in time to make the right decisions.   This is where our unique combination of capabilities can really deliver a transformative step-change in your portfolio.

Benefits Tracking

We help you track the benefits that are being delivered by your projects to ensure the original business case is being delivered, and to ensure you are capturing the right data to make the next project even better.

Plan the work,
then work the plan.

Successful capital project planning and delivery requires knowledge and experience; art and science.  Our expertise across a range of disciplines will create a step-change in value to your existing or planned programs.  Whether assessing current state and advising on remediation or optimisation opportunities, or working with you directly on execution and delivery management, we bring our practical experience to bear on the most complex problems of risk management, planning, governance, control, stakeholder engagement and benefits tracking.

Project Management Maturity Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment uses the Five Dimensions (people, process, technology, governance and culture) to build a complete view of your project and portfolio management capabilities, identifying strengths and weaknesses and framing recommendations for improvement.

Project Process Definition, Standardisation & Improvement

Design and deploy efficient, fit-for-purpose and continuously improving project processes which fit your organisational model, and select the right technologies to support your team:

  • Requirements Definition & Decision Framing
  • Project Appraisal & Modular Scope Decomposition
  • Engineering Project Management & Control
  • Project Scope Management & Change Control
  • Project Breakdown & Coding Structures (WBS, CBS, OBS, etc.)
  • Contract Management & Procurement
  • Cost Estimating & Benchmarking
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Staff Planning & Logistics
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Engineering / Cost Control
  • Materials Management
  • Asset Management (Plant & Equipment)
  • Field Productivity & Progress Measurement
  • Project Information Management (Documents, Data and Models)
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project HSE
  • Project Reporting
Project & Portfolio Organisation Design

Build an effective project organisation design to optimise interfaces between internal functions and external teams, suppliers, stakeholders or customers.   Manage talent in a dynamic portfolio environment by sharing resources across multiple projects while minimising redeployment and turnover.

Project / Finance / ERP Interfaces

Create a seamless way of working for project teams and corporate finance departments to ensure project performance is managed correctly while still ensuring finance can still reliably manage and forecast the bottom line.   Ensure appropriate levels of project control and integration between project systems and ERP systems (such as SAP, Oracle, JDE, etc.).

Project Procurement / Supply Chain Interfaces

Create streamlined processes and data flows between project teams and your corporate procurement, contract management, legal and supply chain organisations.  Ensure project requirements are met throughout the requisitioning, sourcing, bid, award, administration and close-out processes – while ensuring the scale benefits of enterprise strategic sourcing and the integrity of your supply chain processes.

Project Capability & People Development

Define and implement clear role definitions for project positions, describing the expectations of the role, required experience, education, training, skills, leadership capabilities, and motivators to ensure the right people can be selected and succeed in critical project roles.  Implement a talent development framework to create a more rewarding experience for your team members to build capability and progress toward their personal and professional goals.

Portfolio Resourcing & Talent Management

Collect, manage and forecast resource requirements across your portfolio.   Ensure talent is being acquired, developed and retained to meet future needs using formal succession planning and leadership development programs.

Project and Portfolio Management Training for Executives

Many executives and senior leaders ask the same questions, and face similar challenges.  “How do I know which questions to ask my project managers?”  “My eyes glaze over when I read a project report.”    “I’m tired of surprises.  How do I get the truth early?”  “What information do I really need to ensure my projects are on track?”   We help executive teams to be more effective in communicating with their project teams, and really take control of their portfolio.

Project Governance & Funding

Create an effective and fit-for-purpose governance framework for your projects, including an appropriate combination of internal and external reviewers to give you the confidence that your projects have been adequately planned and risks have been appropriately managed to deliver safe, predictable and competitive outcomes for your business.

Project Benchmarking

Create the processes and systems you need to collect and re-use project data to improve the predictability and competitiveness of future projects.

Project Performance Management / Early Warning Indicators

Minimise surprises by implementing robust and fit-for-purpose performance management processes and systems to identify early warnings using leading performance indicators so you can make the right decisions and take the right action to keep projects on track.

Get the basics right

Technology planning can seem inherently complex. There are hundreds of specialised project management applications that can be integrated with enterprise systems, as well as emerging opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence and other leading technologies to create more predictable outcomes and engage teams.

To make the most of your technology stack you must understand the existing technology landscape, what application suites are appropriate and how they will measurably improve performance. It is also critical to pay close attention to how data will be integrated across applications and made accessible to the teams and people using it.

New technologies can enhance your projects, but there is still no substitute for good planning and human experience.

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Applications 

Nearly 2000 individual applications exist to perform various functions in project and portfolio management. A wide array of integrated and best-of-breed products are available to help manage cost, schedule, progress, quantities, risks, documents, contracts, changes, decisions, actions, issues, etc.  We can help you leverage your existing systems investments and optimize the technologies that will best support your portfolio needs.

3D / 4D / 5D / XD Modelling, Building Information & Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions 

Building Information Management (BIM) principles and technology are not new in capital projects. Various platforms are available and being continuously improved to offer a wider array of capabilities. ProjectAI can help you configure and integrate 3D model data with other project data sets, creating a four- or five-dimensional view of your project over time. When connected with augmented and virtual reality technology, you can achieve a new level of planning and risk mitigation, which can carry on into operations, optimizing facility performance and asset maintenance.

ERP System Integration

Various enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms exist, such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. These systems become an imporant part of an organization’s DNA, but are not always designed to best suit the needs of capital projects. We can help you discover how to configure and integrate these platforms to best work with your project’s digital ecosystem.

Enterprise Data Integration

At ProjectAI, we use the most advanced connected data solutions to harmonise project and enterprise data to create a growing platform of enterprise knowledge, ready to leverage the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to further improve project safety, predictability and competitiveness.

Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics

Tired of spreadsheets?  Our integrated project data solutions can surface and report the right information to the right people.   Our unmatched expertise in project and portfolio reporting can shorten the time to deliver clear, consistent and reliable reporting across your portfolio.

From data to decisions.

Connecting individuals and teams with the information they need in the right context at the right time is fundamental to improving project predictability and performance.

Technology – particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing – is being used successfully to bridge the gap between the vast amounts of project information available in an organisation and the specific requirements of information/knowledge workers and front-line operational teams working to optimise current programs.

Ai can also be used to optimise the tasks and activities performed by your robotic workforce and your human workforce. This will improve the speed and accuracy of repetitive, manual or low-involvement activities and free up teams to undertake higher value work, leading to improved team engagement and retention.

  • Connected knowledge

  • AI, machine learning and cognitive computing

  • Human-machine collaboration

  • Robotic process automation

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