Why Pulse

If people are the most important part of your project, prove it.

The Pulse platform delivers an entirely new way to connect with the people on your project – wherever they are.

Communication never has to be your team’s problem again

Approximately 30% of all projects fail due to poor communication. As the world transitions to a more remotebased work environment, communication has never been more challenging.

Everyone deserves a seat at the table, and each person needs to express themselves optimally in order to perform at their best. It is imperative that team members feel heard, understood, valued and like they have a voice. That’s why, Pulse is here to maintain your team dynamic, regardless of where everyone is.

Giving each person a voice

Through Pulse, your team members and stakeholders can be anywhere–across the hall or on the other side of the globe. Nothing will stand in your way from delivering the best project, especially not communication.

Understand what people are thinking and feeling about your project. Allow for authentic, real conversations, and find new areas of focus and bring people together to keep your project on track.

Features Overview

A single platform that allows real conversation

Listen and understand each person’s needs. Allow for real conversations to happen and give each team member a seat at the table. This is how our platform works.


Give them a voice.

No matter where they are, no matter what role they have… everyone has something to contribute.
Make your project a more rewarding experience for everyone!


Build new perspecitve from perception.

Empower your team to provide their own perspective of the people and issues that drive success. Pulse creates a new way to find and monitor stakeholder sentiment.


Check the pulse of your project.

Change is a part of any project, and people’s thoughts and feelings change even more frequently. Stay connected to sentiment using Pulse.

Take Action

Change the conversation.

Discover where team members or stakeholders are not aligned, and  collaborate to solve problems and manage issues.

Use the Pulse dashboards in project meetings to start a new type of conversation about predictable performance and create a rewarding, people-focused culture for everyone.

How Pulse helps you
connect & communicate.

Every time we have been called in to investigate a project failure or trainwreck, there is one simple question we ask everyone: “were you surprised that that project failed?”. Consistently, we hear a unanimous, ‘yes’ from executives; but at the same time, project team members will almost always say ‘no’. This is a telling reality that boils down to one thing; communication.

In our webinar, we explore this, and discuss the key levers on why projects do in fact, fail. See Pulse in action with our free webinar.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s go!

Our team is working with organisations who recognise that people are the most important part of their project. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.